Taking a Break

I had hoped to get one project completed before this week’s end, but having 3-4 projects going at the same time is more a balancing act when holding down a full time job and factoring in that I also have hobbies outside tabletop games and scale models. The biggest kicker is actually a very good one, we are finally getting the wife’s birthday vacation scheduled!

Way back before the words pandemic, COVID-19, and vaccines were in common parlance here in the US and around the globe, we decided that to celebrate my wife’s 50’s we would do a vacation/trip to Europe and her choice was Rome, Italy! Lucky for us, this was one of the few times we actually bought trip insurance from the travel group, and it has paid off in spades. Now that the trip has been delayed 18 months, we can also make it a celebration of our 10th wedding anniversary as well!!

Starting early Friday morning, we start flying and spending time in various airports, and will be in Rome Saturday afternoon. We won’t be back home until the 18th, so no hobby updates until that week – assuming I can muster some time at the hobby desk!

Anyway, just for the record, there is Daredevil and Bullseye from MCP very much near the finish line, the Father-in-law’s Mosquito has all it’s “big paint” applied (which means all the details that need brush work are next!) and I have started on his Christmas diorama gift (it’s quite the simple kit, but I am lacking post-WWII aircraft colors, so those are on order). On top of all of that, I still have another box of double figures from MCP unopened, so my goal of one box/figure a month should be obtainable, but not as neatly spaced out as I might have hoped!

Well here’s to a negative PCR test in 8 days or so – that will allow me to board my flights back to the US, which ironically will bring me back to a place that I will have a greater likelihood of being exposed to COVID than when I’m actually on vacation!


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