Some Progress

While the hobby space is no where near being “set-up” (at least what I have envisioned in my head), I couldn’t not throw some paint around. Daredevil and Bullseye, as well as the concept 3D printed piece all got puttied and primed.

Yeah the boys are each missing an arm, but I want to get good coverage on the area they cover!

The Gargoyle also got a coat of glossy black in anticipation for a bronze and patina treatment!

Most of Sunday and today was spent trying to rid the gifted Mosquito for excess glue globs! In the end I decided stop and get some primer on it to see how bad it would look — not nearly as bad as I thought, but the primer did reveal more gaps that I had missed. I did lay-on a coat of chromate green to the wheel wells and cockpit.

Lastly, when my Father-in-law dropped off the Mosquito, he did talk about his days learning to fly in the Navy and how he tried to find a scale model of the plane he trained in back in ’64. I quick search on good old eBay and I found this vintage 1979 kit from Hasegawa:

I confirmed with the Mother-in-law that he flew training missions out of Kingsville, TX, which would have been with VT-21 or VT-22 squadrons; VT-21 using the same Orange paint scheme as the box art and VT-22 adding some extra stripes. The plan is to assemble and paint the plane in VT-21 colors (historical photographs showing some differences from the box art), put it on a crafted display stand and gift it back to the Father-in-law for his birthday or Christmas (their like a week apart)!

And that folks is is all she wrote!

5 thoughts on “Some Progress

  1. Nice, varied group of miniatures. I’m (of course) particularly looking forward to seeing the gargoyle when it is done.

    I like how you use empty pill bottles as miniature painting holders. I do that too, when I paint, and I bet a lot of others in our blog circle do too! 🙂

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    1. You reach a certain age and the pill bottles come whether you want them or not! I not only use them as figure holders, but as a water pot for cleaning brushes, the lids for small glue palette and small mixing tubs for basing materials. When they get too grubby, they get recycled with the other plastic waste!
      For me, they are one of those “wish I didn’t have so many, but let’s give them a second life” items.

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  2. I was going to make a comment about the pill bottles but Ann and John have beaten me too them haha! I’m glad hobby life is getting back to normal and I looking forward to seeing Daredevil and Bullseye painted up too.

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  3. Great mate, I’m like john and only use what you would call pop tops i think and metal bottle tops of beer bottle of which I have quite a LOT!!!Silly Australian habit ! That is a grand gesture on your part Ec , I’m sure your father in law will be pretty chuffed!

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