Houston, we have a 3D Printer

Slowly I’m putting my hobby space back together, this time I opted to put the Ender3 in a separate room, actually the second bay of out two car garage. This space already has a “work bench” set up, and is rock steady, but lacks easy power and consistent lighting. All of that is on my “honey do” list to fix this fall/winter, so I’m not terribly worried about sharing an extension cords with the Peloton and treadmill for power.

At the moment I’m in the process of fine tuning the scale if a Norte Dam gargoyle rain spout. I’m trying to get to fit the 40mm scale and use it as an alternative to the grave stone for Daredevil. The idea would be that the stonework got knock off a NYC building and DD is jumping down on it while throwing a baton!

That’s it for a quick update!

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