A Pesky Little Bug

A few posts back I noted that my father-in-law dropped off a British WWII Mosquito, which he told me to practice painting on or just trash it. Last evening I found some time to take a closer look at the kit, the box, instructions and camouflage patterns.

Sadly the kit is 99% completed, with lots of large gaps, all subassemblies installed unpainted), plenary of excess glue drips and fingerprints. My plan was to fix what I could, finish assemble and paint it up. Now I need to see if it’s even salvageable. I started cutting away sprue tabs left in place and sanding mold lines, as well as some of the larger glue bombs! I wish I had taken some “before” photos, but this is where I’m at with the kit.

There is a ton of clean-up work left before I can start the putty work. And I need to start a plan for how I want to work up the painting, as I want to tackle as much as possible with the airbrush, but there is lots that can only be gotten to with a fine brush.

7 thoughts on “A Pesky Little Bug

  1. Full faith in your ability to have it “buzzing around” in no time.

    If you remember a little while back I had some very poorly made 1/72 scale tanks given to me but in a lot worse condition. Alas the only thing I could do with them was turn them into tank wrecks.

    Despite the condition it was given to you in at least you have a father-in-law that is into modelling!

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    1. Making a wreck could have been one way to go, but this particular plane was a lot of wood laminate, I think most of that would have burned up in a crash! It’s been more of a time filler when I was bored, and an opportunity to try new techniques and mixing color instead of buying more paint!


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