Paid My Stupid Tax

So yesterday I wrote about how I lost Bullseye’s head; after searching high and low I’ve given-up. My assumption is that the head came off the sprue during our move and was lost either when we swept up at the apartment or dropped somewhere on the move to the house. Either way, I found an eBay seller that is breaking up boxes and selling just character sprues, as well as card and token, separately. Thus the Stupid Tax is repurchasing the entire model for just one part!

I did get a chance to start assembly of both Daredevil and Bullseye last night, after a quick prime this evening, they both have some big gaps at their waists and sides. So I’ll give the primer a few days to cure and them start the gap filling and re-priming. I like the larger 40mm size and the sculpts from AMG, but the constant gap filling is getting old.

On Daredevil, I’m working a few ideas for NOT putting him on the grave stone, and still not sure if I’m keeping the whip-line. If I decide to cut the line from the batons, then I may add the thrown baton to some stretched clear sprue or see id I can attach it to his thigh. In the end, I don’t hate the look and switching out the gravestone may be enough.

Side note: Got a note from the local board gaming group that there is a “GameCon” happening this year in Charlotte in November. The wife and I bought just that Saturday passes for MACE 2021 (Mid Atlantic Convention Expo), which is billed as convention for table-top gaming. So my first hobby convention at the ripe old age of 55!!!

Side-Side note: purchasing the NFL Game Pass deal is the best thing I’ve done since cutting the cable/satellite cord and going 100% streaming.

4 thoughts on “Paid My Stupid Tax

  1. I think we all have paid that tax! BTW

    I am still waiting on my “Hulk” to arrive but his cousin Jennifer Walters that traveled across the world rather than across town has! Maybe I will have to paint her first.

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  2. With Daredevil, I think AMG have gone with the movies, as I can’t find him wearing a similar suit in the comics. That being the case there should be a crease line running down the sides, which is where the two halves of the body join. I nearly filled them when I put him together, but took a look at the 360 degree image they have on their site, and sure enough, he has the lines on there.
    I know you prefer to go with the comic look, so you could fill all the segments in his suit to make it a one-piece like the traditional comic book DD.
    Either way, I’m sure you’ll do him justice!

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    1. Agree, DareDevil did lean in too hard to the movies for this sculpt, which I wouldn’t mind if the Ben Affleck rendition was any good. I’m still thinking bright red, like the comics, and use the armor plating for ink lining. I think even filling all the gap it would still look like Ben’s character.

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