A Little Update

Got some time last evening to start unpacking the hobby space, and pulled a few miniatures out to be worked on, as well as a “disturbed” diorama. This Diorama was really easy to fix up, as the the jeep and shaving solider popped off the plaster made cobblestone street.

More good news! When the in-laws stopped by for a visit this morning, my Father-in-Law had purchased a plastic model kit and started to build it. He ran out of steam, and really didn’t want to paint it, so he brought it to me to complete or practice with or, as he said, “just throw it out.” I’m still looking over the instructions to see what options I have left and color schemes, but this little 1/72 scale De Havilland Mosquito, Mk. II is now mine to play with!

Of course this means having to pick-up some RAF “Naval” colors, but twit my arm at buying hobby stuff! First there is final assembly, as well as sub-assembly painting “in-place” and hopefully I can get that canopy off to get at the cockpit. Anyway it will be an excuse to play with new camouflage color combinations!

Now, to the bad news. I’m pretty sure I’ve discovered why my camera phone is taking such crappy photos. It appears on one if it’s many drops I’ve managed to crack the clear lens cover on the back-facing camera! Looks like I may have to trade-up sooner than expected, but then it is an iPhone 7, been paid off for almost two years, but I think that will have to wait until after a new mortgage payment or two!

Second bad bit of news. I unboxed Bullseye from Marvel Crisis Protocol and started assembly. After getting his upper toros and legs together, I noticed I don’t have his head. I’ve search through the logical places, but to no avail. Going out to Atomic Mass Game’s website, it appears they no longer have a replacement part service, I sent an email request anyway – at worse they say sorry, at best I get a new head in the mail! I’m not sure how he would play, but I love the comic book villain and was looking forward to warming up my painting with a simple paint scheme. Still gotta continue to search, but I doubt I’ll re-purchase the box set, as I’m not sure both the wife an I will have Daredevil (the other character in the two box set).

8 thoughts on “A Little Update

    1. I’m not sure what would be harder to sculpt, the decapitated neck or a new head! Thanks for the chuckle! Bullseye is all prepped for priming (once I find the head) and I’ve moved on to DareDevil assembly. Still not sure about all the rope and the grave stone with Matthew’s miniature, but I’ll figure something out!

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  1. I’m just in the process of assembling Bullseye too, and I had to stop reading and check. Yes, I have a head, hopefully you’ll get one too!
    Daredevil is great on the table (haven’t played him myself, just going off the Podcast I listen to), and I’d want him in my team, but then he’s always been a favourite of mine (currently in the basecoat stage).
    Looking forward to seeing what you do with the Mozzie.


  2. That plane should be fun to mess around with and that is a bummer on your phone. I do think getting a new phone should improve your ability to take pictures. I think I have an iPhone 10 (if I remember right) and mine takes noticeably better pictures than the previous one I had before it so I think you might experience something similar when you pick up a new one. I hope you get Bullseye’s head taken care of as well. I’m sure Matt would like to knock it off Bullseye’s shoulders but that doesn’t make for a very appealing mini 🙂

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    1. I think you’re correct Other than having another Bullseye posed miniature, I’m not sure what I would do with him – perhaps the cross-over miniature could go back on eBay to recoup some of my “stupid tax”. Hmmm … never though about picking up Deadpool until now!


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