MCP: Sin

Sinthea Schmidt, better known as Sin, is the daughter of Red Skull, and was subjected physical transformation in order to become Red Skull’s heir. Sin is linked with Crossbones in the comics and in MCP. Together with Crossbones and the Serpent Squad, her battles with the Avengers, S.H.I.E.L.D. and the Winter Solider.

Sin’s card is very much linked with Crossbones, with two specific tactics cards specifically working with him.

Pretty simple miniature to put together, only nine parts, including the two wall sections (which strangely included the toes of both boots!). Having the toes attached to the walls makes for a really strong bond for the dynamic pose, but only allows for one pose!

Sin is the second figure from the last box I purchased with Hulk and a departure from GREEN!Aside from skin and weapons, she is basically two colors, Red and Black. I have several shades of red, so boots and bodice got one shade and her hair another.

Black. I’ve tried mixing either blues or browns into black for different shades, but this time I wanted to try something different. I first laid down a light, but bright blue on her leggings and gloves. After giving this paint a day to cure, I put a glaze of black over all the blue. This left me with a faded black “blue jean” look, a very different for black. The rest was fairly simple, in keeping with the comic book style I’m after.

It’s not coming through on the pictures, but her hair is a more pure red than the bodice and boots. I also tried eyes again. I think her sculpt calls out for eyes, but I still can’t get them to look “right”. They ether come out looking like Japanese anime or like I should have just dropped in some shaded ink and moved on. I need to find some old miniatures and just paint eyes.

Still about 2 weeks from having a dedicated space set-up where I can paint and photograph; These cell phone picture with a single overhead and from the right pictures are driving me nuts! In the meantime, all of these miniatures need to get dull-coated for protection from handling. After that time I’ll set-up and retake some pictures that make me feel better about what I publish.

10 thoughts on “MCP: Sin

  1. I don’t know this character so its cool to learn about a descendent of Red Skull! The paint job looks good as well. I enjoy painting red and painting someone with red hair like hers would be fun I imagine.

    For the eyes, if they come out too big, try using a flesh color (darker flesh color usually better), to thin them out. I usually do this at the bottom of the eye working up, if that makes sense. Its totally normal to have to do this when painting eyes so give it a shot and I bet you can get results you’re happier with.

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  2. Lovely painting here, you should be very proud of your Sin. I really like the way you’ve painted her skin tones and I think that it looks very realistic. I quite like the simplicity of these superhero colour schemes focused on only a few colours; somehow it gives one a nice opportunity to really work on those specific shades. It must have quite interesting to paint Sin (all red and black) immediately after Viper (all green and yellow).

    Will Sin be in your roster of baddies or your wife’s roster of kiss-ass ladies? Either way I look forward to reading how she plays; I don’t think I’ve seen anyone locally use Sin.

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    1. Thanks for the kind words! We have yet to actually play a game of MCP! The thought here is to set the wife up with a straight forward set of characters, so that she can ease into understanding the game mechanics. She had mentioned that this game has quite a few female characters and it would fun to feild as many as possible. (This did not work out so well when we played Malifaux 2.0)
      For me, I just want to keep my miniature painting skills up, so any excuse to get some models on the bench is a good thing!

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