Scale Creep?

Slowly, slowly, slowly getting back on the plastic horse … literally. One of the very first ideas for a WWII diorama was from a photo I found on the internet, which shows two German soldiers on horseback. That was 3-4 years ago, and this February I found the critical figures. Previously I have blogged about getting a Master Box kit with a horse-mounted German messenger and trying to duplicate the horse in resin. That horse isn’t perfect, but if I use it as the less important figure in the diorama, and force the perspective to that of the photo, then it could work.

Last month I received a 100% commercial resin figure that was near perfect for the center piece. That figure is built and needing a quick prime to see where putty is needed (resin has a nasty habit of hiding bubbles and other distortions that can only be seen when primed!). Also last month I found a seller on eBay that had two boxes of some vintage 1975 kits that had a WWII German Horse Solider! Which I thought was fantastic, as I only needed one other rider, and maybe having a second sculpt of a horse, they would look just a little different in pose!


After assembling the new figure from the old Tamiya kit MM153 and placing next to the Master Box horses (pictured below), as well as all the new figures (not pictured), it appears that back in 1975 1/35-scale was a bit larger (I would estimate 10-15%), and probably closer to 1/32-scale.

White horse is the Tamiya kit, Grey is the original Master Box and the Painted horse is my resin copy.

This is more than a little annoying, as I’m not overly fond of Tamiya’s figures that usually come with their armor kits, but sometimes you just need to add figure to a diorama to make it come alive. I guess I’m just not going to be able to mix old with new figures. (if the older kits were a tad smaller, I could use this figure, as he would be in the background, and smaller would work).

Onto putty and gap filling, then shooting some primer to see if I can use any of this new to me kit, or can I pull figures from other kits that are actually 1/35-scale and “kit-bash” them to make the diorama. Stay tuned for more updates as I slowly crawl back into the hobby.

5 thoughts on “Scale Creep?

    1. I know, right, but even the bodies of the soldiers seem bulkier. I haven’t ever worked with any Japanese armor kits, so I wonder if it’s just the Japanese way of seeing other than Japanese people?

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      1. Don’t know, Eric! My dad used to paint Tamiya 1:35th vehicles and figures back in the ’80s and they never struck me as having peculiar proportions. I’d imagine all manufacturers have different approaches!

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      2. I like their kits, but I’m not sure their figures are a draw anymore. So many other resin figures, as well as better injection molded figures from Dragon, MB, etc. Tamiya’s stuff will be used sparingly and for practice, I’m just not happy with their figures distracting from the setting. Again, probability fine in the 70’s & 80’s, but now we have better, shame on me for not looking longer for better figures!

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