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Greetings Fellow Bloggers!

Still not much crafting nor modeling nor gaming time these past couple of weeks – what with the start of a new job, apartment living and all that jazz that comes with a partial move, I just haven’t had the time to unpack miniature stuff. I have found a new cycling group and a few routes around here. Honestly I thought North Central North Carolina would be hillier, but it’s about the same as South Central Georgia (55 feet of elevation climb every mile!), guess the Appalachian Mountains are further West than I thought.

Anyway, back at the end of April I did celebrate my fifty-and-six years birthday! And to my surprise one of the gifts my lovely wife gave me was MCP’s Punisher and Taskmaster figure box set. Now I don’t recall the Taskmaster, so I’ll have to do lots-o research before I decide if he’s a keeper or an eBay trade; that being said, my wife certainly knows that I am a serious Punisher fanboy!

My plan is to dig him out the packing this weekend and start the assembly process, and should I find the compressor, he might even get primed! So that meant during the slow times at work, I’ve spent time reviewing the various costumes Marvel has put on Frank Castle’s alter-ego. I read him mostly in the more violent Black and White large comics of the 1980’s, so I really didn’t have a memory of his colors from my childhood. But this color version is what I remember him looking like and how I want to paint him:

That being said, we got more of the TV series Punisher for a model.

I loved the reimagined TV series, but he’s not my idea of a comic book hero vision, more like what the character would be in real like. I was thinking maybe I could paint his arms black with the white gloves, and yes that would work, but he’s wearing combat fatigues and boots, so that’s not gonna work so well. Add to that, that they gave him a simple belt, buckle and only a couple of ammo pouches. Where’s the large bore rifle cartridge pouch that forms the teeth in his skull emblem? I guess he just get the TV look. Maybe I’ll try my hands a some Vietnam jungle camoflauge for the BDU trousers.

I do think AMG missed an opportunity for a really dynamic miniature, as well as a seriously cool throw-back Marvel anti-hero.

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