Following on the Heroes from the MCP Core Box Set, I give you The Villains:

Red Skull

Air bushed a light coat of VMA Black Green, staying clear of his head and the Cube! Boots, gloves and his waist belt got a coat of AP Matt Black, and his head and arm badges were base coated in VGC Gory Red. The Cosmic Cube was base coated in white ink and highlighted with AP Voidshield Blue, which was dry brushed lightly down his arm, shoulder and front of his coat. Buckle and buttons are AP Shinning Silver. Pretty basic paint job, but I like it better in person on the tabletop better than in pictures.


He and Ironman both started with a straight Gloss Black primer, however, Ultron’s topcoat is Vallejo Metal color Magnesium! AP’s Pure Red was highlighted up with Lava Orange and his interior mouth further highlighted with VMC Flat Yellow. That was it, no shadow, no washes, no highlights. The Vallejo Metal line of airbrush paints are designed for natural metal airplanes and jet exhausts – you might panel line those scale models, but I think Ultron looks just perfect as is! And wanted an original comic book look, not the MCU, so this darker metallic looks is perfect!

Doctor Octopus

I keep his “onto arms” off the model and painted the separately from the main figure. The arms got a glossy black prime followed by a VMC Aluminum top coat. Then they where gloss coated and I used Tamiya panel liner, black to accent each “link”, white ink followed by some AP Voidsheild Blue finished up the center of the pause blasters and the backpack.

Doc Oct himself was under coated in AP Monster fur, the over painted in VMC Intermediate Green and VMC Flat Yellow. His face was AP Tanned Flesh and AP Leather Brown hair, and AP Shinning Silver for his belt. Lot’s of black ink lining on the belt and between the major yellow and green parts of the miniature.


What can we say about Mr.Crossbones. His miniature is a mash-up of comic and MCU styles, so too I mashes up his color scheme. Over the black primer, his shirt is VMC Feldgreen and his pants are VMC Basalt Grey, as are the webbing and straps on his vest. Everything else is AP Black, dry brushed up with grey or silver. His skin tone is AP Barbarian with a flesh wash to bring out the muscles! His face mask was painted separately and added when the rest was finished. I added a 3d printed fire hydrant to break up all the dark colors!

Baron Zemo

What a fun miniature to paint, and so many iterations in costumes! In the end I did not go with the purple/yellow/ermine fur of the early comics, but again a mashed up MCU and Comic look. Again the miniature forced the look, with a bomber jacket and pants!

Zemo started with a light undercoat of AP Monster Fur, and for the Bomber jacket that was it, for once the pre-shading actually worked! Pants where VMC Chocolate Brown, boots, AP Dark Stone, and AP Leather Brown for the belt and pouches. The head, hands and hood are combinations of AP’s Orc Blood and Grimore Purple. The fur liners are VMC Pale Sand with AP Soft Tone wash. AP’s Greedy Gold and Shinning silver finish off the metallics. His eye patch are VMC Grey Green.

Well that’s it for any figure painting until I get set back up after my move North, where hopefully I will find a gaming group that is playing MCP. The lack of play to see if I really enjoy this game is all that’s keeping me from purchasing more stuff for the game. Only time will if I move forward with this game, but I certainly hope so. If gaming stubbles, there are models that I will get and paint just because, I mean who doesn’t want a Hulk rampaging through your desk!

Oh, and Happy Birthday to me!

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