Once I accepted and got a start date for my new job, I stopped preparing new scale model kits, but still had the ten 40mm scale figures from the Marvel Crisis Protocol Core Box Set. Below are the 5 heroes and just a little bit of the how and why’s.

Please note, my painting style for these figures is Comic-Book style. I know there are several you-tubers who have different variation on this theme, but for me this style means simple blocks of color, with minimal shading and highlighting, and some black lining between the biggest blocks of color.

Paint Notations: AP (army painter) : VGC (Vallejo Game Color) : VMC (Vallejo Model Color) : VM (Vallejo Metal) : VMA (Vallejo Model Air) : Ink (Liquitex or Amsterdam Acrylic inks) : all primers are Vallejo Surface primers

Everyone started primed flat black (except Ironman) and where given a modulated overspray of white ink. This resulted in a shift from black to white with a grey transition. Originally I was going to use contrast paints, but moved quickly to regular paints. So any future models will just get a basic primer coat. That being said, I could have happily stopped here, hit every one with a signature color and called these a film noir paint style – the white ink modulation looks that freaking cool!

All of the bases where primed black and then top coated in VMA Concrete. Chips where picked out in VMA Cement, cracks where picked out in Black ink. The metal parts where top coated with VM aluminum and then washed with AP Dark Tone and some AP Strong Tone for variation. Bricks were done with VMC Hull Red and mortar lines picked out with VMA Cement.

Capt’n America

AP Ultramarine Blue, AP White, VGC Red Gory. I also chose to do his shield with those same colors, but used VMC Aluminum for the white band to give it that “Virbraium” feel. His face is AP Tanned Flesh (with a AP Flesh wash)


Primed Glossy Black: Base coated all AP Greedy Gold, then red panels painted with a 50/50 mix of AP Pure Red and AP Weapon Bronze, AP Shinny Silver rounded out the armor. White ink was base coated over the palm blaster and chest power cell, then painted with AP Voidshield Blue, same for the eye and mouth on the helmet. Then the entire model was gloss coated to keep the shinny metal colors.

Black Widow

All the yellow bits and her hair where undercoated in AP Leather Brown. Her face and hands were AP Tanned Flesh, AP Flesh Wash, and AP Elven Flash highlighted. Her hair was AP Dragon Red, highlighted with AP Orange Rust. The body suit was a 75/25 mix of AP Dark Stone and VMC Black and her boots straight VMC Black. Yellow bits are VMC Flat Yellow, with the Widow’s Mark getting some AP Pure Red.

Ms. Marvel

Err… Captain Marvel? Face same as Widow’s. Hair started as AP Leather Brown, and highlighted up with VMC Flat Yellow and I did do her eyes (VMC Grey Green for the whites and AP Deep Blue for the pupils). Body suit, VGC Magic Blue with AP Crustal Blue highlights on the piping. Gold striping was undercoated in AP Leather Brown and then AP Greedy Gold. All the red was VGC Gory Red.


Started with the Peter’s eyes getting a base coat of AP White, then outlined with black ink. His entire body suit was painted in VGC Gory Red, then when dry, the blue areas overheated with a 90/10 mix of AP Deep Blue and VMC Black. All of the red was gloss coated and pin washed with enamel black, which brought out the black lines, but darker the red, so after a matte coat of varinsh, I added some VGC Gory Red highlights to the various top side blocks. The spider on his chest and back both got a coat of black ink, with the back spider top coated in VGC Gory Red.

The Core Box Heroes where fun to paint, lots of blue and red! The miniatures when together quickly and painted up quick with this style. Part of me want to put more effort into them, but then I put them on the table and they look a 3-D version of the comics I grew-up with, so they are all good. The Villains are up next and just need to get photographed!

12 thoughts on “Heroes

  1. I love what you’ve done with Iron-Man, Eric, he looks stunning.
    Quite a different style you’ve gone for here and I bet they look great in play. You’ve really captured the feel of the old comics and it brings back many happy memories of reading them.

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    1. Thanks a bunch! I really haven’t had the opportunity to play but one quick lets walk through the basic mechanics of the card system, hopefully, once we get all settled this summer, there will be opportunity to play an actual game!
      It’s funny that you picked out Ironman, as I’m less than happy with the red metallics. He may get redone in the future, but I will defiantly stick with the older comic style, as you stated, those combination bring back boyhood happy memories more than the MCU variations.

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      1. Hope you enjoy the game as much as we have; we’ve had a blast!
        Can’t see an issue with Iron-Man; the metallics look excellent from the images.
        Though I’m not going with the comic book style painting that you are, I’m trying to stay true to them in terms of colouration etc.

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      2. I have vacillated between traditional miniature painting techniques, and I love what you have done thus far, and a simple comic-book style. In the end, I choose to try something different, but still think I might have gone the wrong way. In the end, I just need to get some game reps.

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      3. It’s a brave decision going the route you have and it will certainly look different in play, but if the scenery complements it, then it will look fab. I like it, and probably will those who remember the older Marvel comics and cartoons. It may not appeal to everyone but go with what you want to do and enjoy it!

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  2. Lovely work. I’m also a big fan of the way you’ve painted Iron-Man; I wouldn’t change a thing with him. If I’m being critical, I think that a brief touch up of Captain Marvel’s eyes would help but her wide-eyed look probably isn’t even visible at tabletop distance. I’m super impressed with the clean painting of the webbing on Spider-Man’s costume; it took me ages to get anything even remotely satisfactory on mine.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah I’ve never been good at eyes, and may redo her’s in the future. As for Spidey and his webbing, I used the old scale-modeling technique of enamel/oil paint over a glass coat to “sludge wash” the recessed panel-lines. It takes ages to dry, so you have time to wipe off the excess with thinner. Then you just highlight and dull coat!


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