MCP Bases

When I played GW mass army games, I usually painted my base rims simply black. It was a color I had in abundance and it would cover any paint mark-offs from painting the models. When I started back up in the hobby, I started back in Malifaux, which has various crews distributed amongst several factions. Each Faction had a color and icon associated with it, so I thought about using the faction color on the miniatures base rim. In the end I went all black as the cross fraction masters made to having to put multiple colors on the rims.

I’m at the point in painting the Core Box that I need to do the rims as well as minor touch-ups, so once again I’m thinking of colored rims. Currently there are 16 Affiliations, with 4 of the Core Box characters having two affiliations. I made up a quick chart and picked colors for each affiliation, since AMG didn’t do this for me.

In reviewing the lists on the website, I found there are quite a few on two lists, with at least two in 3 and one in 4! Drats! Now I’m thinking 4 or more colors on a base looking distracting or just weird color combinations.

So for now, I think I’m going BLUE for heroes, RED for villains and Green for any Unaffiliated.

2 thoughts on “MCP Bases

  1. I use to do something similar to designate my 40k Imperial Guard squads. Now I just paint them all the same. If they get mixed up or receive friendly fire so be it. FOG of War or just plain lazy – not sure which.

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