Put Some Paint On It!

So Ann’s March challenge was to find a neglected miniature that you have owned for at least a year and finish it by April 2! Well this bad boy was purchased, epoxied together and primed black with cheap Walmart spray paint just days before my gaming group it called it quits, in the early 2000’s. Thus he’s been in the bitz box for nearly 17 years!

I bring you the mighty OldHammer Carnosaur! He was going to be the big bad center piece of a bunch of large reptiles for my youngest son’s Lizzardman Fantasy Battle Army. I didn’t bother to fix or fill the gaps where the large metal parts met, figuring if he survived banging around in a cardboard box for 17 years and six moves across three States he’s in good shape!

Since the original army he was built for was turquoise dominated, I kept to the green/blue combination of colors. And since he’s Warhammer, the plastic craft store vegetation is in keeping with GW terrain! LOL. Anyway, here he is:

This was a very quick paint and base build. This is mostly due to new techniques and tools that I have acquired over the last three years of getting back into this hobby. Use of an airbrush and scale model enamel panel liners over acrylic where the biggest jump in painting efficiently and look. I will also say that I am very much happy to not be painting a mass of GW wound-counter models.

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