Play It Grey

The Wife and I tried out the basic rules for Marvel Crisis Protocol this evening, using “training wheels”. Since I don’t like to glue miniatures to their bases until after painting, we just copied the Character Stat Card and added the character’s picture to a base. Pretty easy when when everything is still wearing grey plastic!

Over the last three evenings I assembled the 10 figures and 10 terrain pieces from the Core Box. I haven’t primed anything, as we weren’t sure we would like the game and not being painted would allow us to put the bits up on eBay to recoup so of the upfront cost.

We set out all the terrain bits, pretty much as the Intro Rules specific and grabbed Ironman and Spiderman! We basically ran to the center and slugged it out for 6 turns. Spidey did get Dazed, but not Ko’ed, and was able to Web Sling a car into Ironman! We basically worked out the basic mechanics of the attack and defense dice, plus movement and range rulers. We both agreed that we need to work in more characters to spread the interactions around and learn more of the basic rules.

The game has a Malifaux light like feel to it. Once we add the tactics and objective cards it will have a more Malifaux feel. The big difference is take that characters are easier to instantly get a feel for how they should play.

I’m pretty sure things will be getting primed and painted over the next month or so.

Oh, and Baron Zemo is totally holding his sword incorrectly for a Point-in-Line attack!

4 thoughts on “Play It Grey

  1. Great work on Zemo. I think I may have to move him up in the queue slightly after Falcon and The Winter Soldier. I really enjoyed the MCU take on a character I didn’t think I could care about!

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    1. That’s great! I’ve picked up Disney+ and that is one that I’m hoping to get into. Sadly, much of the MCU and Star Wars stuff has been too Disney-fied for me to watch!


  2. I find most of the MCU is still pretty fun – and less terrible than comics turned into (long ago before “woke” was even a thing). Mandalodian is proper Star Wars. Not sequel trilogy, nor prequel-style trash either. Too many people are wearing the old rose-coloured goggles when looking at the prequels and Lucas’ ability as a writer or director these days!

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    1. 100% agree on Disney getting its fingers into Star Wars (even the extra stuff and retiling of Star Wars!) and the MCU. I’m trying to go back and watch some of the MCU movies I skipped at the movies, just to get myself into the MCP game. I did start the Mandalorian, but the first episode has many plot and cannon holes. I will wait until the house sells and the wife joins me in NC before continuing the series – and hopefully the writing gets better!


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