Who is That Masked Man?

While I need to put more time into my Green Knight redo, for Ann’s January Challenge, I did manage to base coat the dominate feature on this 1/35 scale figure – the long trench coat!

base coating

I decided to try my hand at airbrushing very light coats onto the miniature, but didn’t trust myself to not get the face, neckerchief, and hat involved, thus the bee-keeper look for the Feild Marshall! Several historical sites have noted that Rommel’s famous tester trench coat was actually a dark brown leather, not a black leather coat. That and the fact that aging leather would provide a more interesting figure than all that black, I opted to go with a chocolate brown base coat. after priming in light grey, I did some outlining in pure black, which can been seen below, and it is still there under the 4 light layers of paint above!

pre-lining after priming

Still got a way to go, but the trench coat base-coating did scratch an air-brush itch this morning!

And now to continue the Lone Ranger hyperbole, a quick update on the repainting of the GW Green Knight and his mount:

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