A Little Photo Fun

For Christmas, the wife got me a fun photography tool … a Lensball! Wait, what? A…Lens…Ball?

I saw one of these a couple of years ago when visiting a “light garden” in South Carolina. Another photographer was using this crystal sphere to shoot the lighted art in the “garden”. It was pretty cool, but I really didn’t follow-up own cost or use. The wife likes to get me fun gifts, gifts that I wouldn’t purchase for myself. Over the years that has been things like my Series 1 iWatch, my first 3D Printer, an espresso machine, to a complete studio light kit for my camera interests.

So the Lensball is crystal sphere of 3-inches in diameter, and yes you need to be careful with it around the sunlight, as it can act as a magnifying lens with a sun beam! To get the full effect you need to do a little post photo editing, but here are a few images from yesterday’s trial run:

The last two are unedited, I like the effect as well, just need to find a way to support the Lensball without using my fingers!

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