WIP Saturday

It’s early afternoon when I write this blog post, but I figured it was time of a little WIP.

Using the Project Management program is helping me to see my way through multiple projects, so thumbs up to using technology and best practices for hobby time! (Bonus, I’m training myself to use something like this for my next job) Several projects have been hanging around for a while now, but I have prioritize the Green Knight miniature so that I can have that vignette completed this month for Ann’s challenge. I don’t have any WIP pictures, as I want that “wow” moment for the revel later this month.

What I have gotten completed, is that I finalized the horses barding colors, the saddle blanket and belly strap. Got the armor and the tabard all base coated; so horse and rider should be completed soon. The shield is pretty much completed, and the lances are drying, so we’ll see if the washes helped or hurt the look I’m going for this evening. The base has been plastered, so base coating starts tomorrow or Monday, as it needs at least 24-hours to dry, assuming I don’t add a second layer. Wait is really behind is making a wicked old tree. I’m on my second wire frame, as I tend to go too big.

The oldest scale model kit is my German Halftrack (Sd. Kfz. 250/C). It’s been mostly finished (needs the front wheels, tracks and weapons added), as what’s left needs the base built to get the set-up correct to the diorama! There are also nine 1/35 scale german soldiers to get painted and finished assembled. Push back on them this morning, so on to highlighting as adding bits that will add some character to each character! LOL. This Diorama also has part of a Polish farmhouse to build into the base. And what farmhouse would just have a bunch of stuff laying about? So I picked up this kit off Amazon:

Out of that kit, I want to use several buckets and the wash basin, and a bucket may find its way in the the second Christmas Jeep (more on that later). The water pump will get used for future projects, assuming I can set up a mold for duplication!

This summer, I build some columns and walls, with the idea of building a gate leading to a French manor house. The walls have been completed and the gate doors are painted, but need weathering and attachment to the brick columns. I have been carving packing styrofoam to fit a wooden oval base, and it now has a skim coat of plaster, which when dry will allow me to place the brick walls and gates and figure how I’m going to fit them to the driveway and road. Then there’s only building the Panzer IIC and the figures to add to the diorama. There may well be some shrubbery to make too!

Wall, columns, gates posed on the start of a base, with the yet started Panzer kit!

Still working on my Christmas Jeep. The jeep is completed, just waiting on the resin figure I ordered almost three months ago, and a new brick mold to make the side of a building. In the meantime I’m making a door and window, so those are nearly completed.

Nothing like a picture to show how badly you freehand painted a window sill!

While waiting for various things to arrive from China and Russia, a little kit I had all but forgotten about showed up in the mailbox yesterday, a 1/72 scale standard gauge railroad track and ties! These where for a diorama idea I had after seeing a downed WWII aircraft crash picture. The photo was of a P-51 US fighter, somewhere in Italy. It looks like it was a survivable crash landing, as he got the landing gear down, but hit a railroad siding. So I have an Airfix P-51D still in the box, and now the railroad tracks!

These bits may also get a mold made for future use, as if I use both, I’ll need to cut on set down, I don’t need 11″ (darn metric system, should have been two 6″ sections, but they are short as they are made overseas) to span a 1/72 scale single seat WWII fighter plane. And since this is a project for a future build, I have time to play with the silicone molding process!

Anyway, that’s roughly what I’ve worked on this truncated week. I leave you with the best thing that happened this week, the start of the 2021 NHL season (and my Flyers have won their first two games already!):

Love hockey names!

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