First Christmas Jeep, Completed

Over Christmas this past year (the year that shall not be named, save in 20/20 hindsight), my Father-in-Law and I built some scale models together. Specifically, Tamiya’s 1/35 scale Willys MB 1/4-ton 4×4 Jeep, Item# 35219. Over the corse of two days we got his jeep fully assembled and base coated. The driver figure was assembled and base coated as well. My own jeep, I wanted to add a little more detailing and try my hand at multiple weathering techniques.

Decals are for a Recon Jeep, 7th Armored Div, 814th Tank Destroyer Batt, Co. 22.

Since I also wanted to switch out the included figure with a resin figure, which is still entangled in the current US Postal Service fiasco, my Jeep is still in the weathering stages. I’m also waiting on a new silicone brick mold to finish my diorama base. Which brings me too F-i-L’s model. I did get it finished before my trip earlier this week … and the diorama base for it as well! The whole enchilada is boxed up and will be dropped into the mail tomorrow!

So here is the little vignette, which I titled,”Somewhere in Belgium, January 1945″.

This was my first time using a pre-fabricated wooden base. The wife found them at the local Hobby Lobby, it was a two pack so I designed my own vignette to fit the other base. I like that the pine is stable enough to put plaster, glue and acrylic paint directly on them and they don’t warp. I liked them so much that I’ve already purchased other sizes for the three other projects in the works.

8 thoughts on “First Christmas Jeep, Completed

    1. Not bad for two days of talking and walking. Hopeful that we’ll get and offer in the next two weeks or so. One of the other options has moved on, working through a headhunter, it’s hard when you hear third hand. Still have another in the bush, nut I know that role is on a hiring freeze until early to mid February. Like I said, hopefully, one of them will hit, but it’s looking more like I be relocating to New England this Spring!


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