Got a comment from imperialrebelork asking how I made my roads for my little Jeep Diorama. So here is step by step (sorry I didn’t take more pictures along the way)

  1. I started with chopping up an 1/8″ square styrene rod into 1/8″-ish lengths, this would have been much easier with a chopper, but I cut them by hand. (1/8″ = 4.5″ in 1/35th-scale)
  2. I used these blocks to build a fan sett, which I found a layout on the internet, printed it out and enlarged it until the cobblestone blocks matched the styrene bits. They where glued to a sheet of acetate and then a thin bit of balsa wood.
  3. I made two and made a silicone mold from them.
  4. I then poured multiple plaster casts. The first couple came out with most of the bricks in place, but as time when on, the thin bits between the bricks ripped away. (In hindsight, I would finish the styrene mock-up and cast a mold from that)
  5. I then glued a bunch of the setts together on top of a foam form, this allowed me to use a razors to cut the plaster to the form so it fit on the diorama wooden pedestal (in this case 3×5″)
  6. After that dried, I mixed up a 75/25 drywall speckle to water mix and brushed it over the whole thing, gave it 10-minutes or so to start setting up, and then used a stiff flat brush to push the excess spackle off the tops of the stone.
  7. After an over-night dry, I dry brushed the whole thing with Army Painter’s Dark Stone.

The nice thing about using cast plaster is that I could sand the final bits to fit, as well as knock down some the high stones and round off edges.

6 thoughts on “Roads

    1. well, when you have tons of time on your hands … Actually, I was hoping the mold-making would allow me to replicate cobblestones quicker. For the straight-up blocks of the side walk, yes, worked as expected. Still may work on more molding bits, it’s fun.

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  1. Love this, the finish on your cobbles is spot on.

    The way you’ve presented your method makes me think I could replicate something similar, thanks for sharing!

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