Christmas Time 2020

With Christmas and visitors (still feels weird in the time of COVID to say “visitors”) this week, I’ve been away from the internet. As far as hobby goes, pulled in two scale armor kits, the new AirFix British M3 Stuart and a classic Itateri German 38(t), both in 1/35 scale, and a 1/35 resin Rommel figure was delivered via USPS on Christmas Eve, not to mention Amazon dropped an older Tamiya Panzer II kit two days before. (there are plans for this tank, but I will need to find dismounted crew, as there are no figures in the kit). So not a bad haul, and I haven’t even added in the Lensball the wife got me for some photography work (more on that later).

Additionally, I had prepped out both Tamiya US Willys Jeeps, so the Father-in-Law and I could build a couple of scale models together instead of talking politics! It mostly worked.

The pre-prep worked to speed up the build times, but trying to get the builds done, prime, paint, decal and seal in two days is a tall order, even for a simple build and paint scheme. I spent more time at the table, working on adding details: spark plug wires, wiper motor wiring, layer work for rust chipping on the leaf springs, chipping in the foot wells for my kit. Add in oil paint dust weathering and there was no way I was gonna finish (the oil paint will take a week to dry!) in two days.

I helped out with the airbrush work, and quick painting the seated figure, but I pretty much left the F-i-L to assemble on his own. I got all the painting completed, and the wife picked up a couple of wooden bases, so I also set about building a little vignette for his jeep. That involved gluing up some scrap ESP foam, laying on some plaster and imprinting so tire tracks. Since I was getting bored with all the Christmas movies, I decided to add a brick retaining wall in front of rear hill. Having pre-sorted the cast bricks made the wall building easy. Hopefully, I’ll have time to paint it tomorrow before they hit the road.

Anyway, here’s the base in the greige (or white as the plaster goes, lol), I’m thinking the wall will be painted grey, with a grassy hill fore and aft. The road will be a muddy little dirt road. I was initially thinking of a drainage ditch running in forward the wall, but I may not have time to add the epoxy “water”. Maybe I’ll keep the base here and finish it then send it to Florida.

A quick staging photo, just to see if the muddy tire tracks still match up with the drive train, and to just see how it all looks. As you can see, the decals and the clear windscreens are still missing, and there isn’t any weathering, not even any panel lining (psst, I did add some rust to the muffler, but it’s on the passenger side). There is a gloss coat on the areas that need decals, so that if the jeep goes back to Florida, they stick, but a dull coat will still be needed to seal and smooth the overall look.

I have a second wooden base that I’ll use for my Jeep, I’m thinking of building a cobble stone road somewhere in Italy, and yes the cobbles will be hand laid! I have time to cast more blocks as my original rationale for the simple Jeep model was to use a resin figure of a G.I. shaving in a jeep side mirror (I’m not over-the-moon with the Tamiya driver figure, the right arm doesn’t quite fit the figure and steering wheel cleanly). The figure was ordered off eBay right after our US Thanksgiving holiday, but is still somewhere between here and China. If I can make the Tamiya figure fit somewhere other than the driver’s seat, he’ll be a second figure, right now he’s just an experiment in painting US uniforms.

Hope everyone had a great Christmas, stay safe out there!

6 thoughts on “Christmas Time 2020

    1. Yeah, I do enjoy teaching, even when the student still likes to add more plastic cement when a little will do! LOL. I only wish we had another day or focused a little more, then at least his could be competed, as I fear it will never get completely finished.

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