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Pine Trees


(edit/update: corrected the YouTuber and added a link to the video I liked the best – should have taken the time to give credit correctly before posting last evening)

So as you know I picked up some WWII Soviet tank crews from MiniArt, here and at the bottom of the post here, I’ve got two painted up, tried my hands a blending shades up from the recesses and more shading of the faces, without using any washes.

I’ve got work to do on the next batch. Better blending, eyes and skin tones. Those figures are in the putty stage and should be primed in the morning.

These are all practice for the US Ranger on a motorcycle kit I have still in the box, so I’m not too worried about them being perfect; however in the spirt of “waste not want not”, I’m building a diorama base for them to be placed on and photographed. There may even be a 1/35 Soviet T-34 in my future. (wink, wink, nudge, nudge)

For now, I’m working on pine trees. While the lollipop variety here in the southern part of the US are my inspiration, I’m going for a more cone-shaped Eastern European look. I’ve looked at well over a half dozen YouTube clips on making trees, but by far it’s Luke Towan’s model trian videos that are the best, Look Here. While he’s building for N and HO scale, I’m looking more at something between S and O, which puts a 60-foot tree at 24-inches in 1/35 scale!

Well that’s not gonna happen. At best they will be half that height. With the thought being its WWII, so these trees have only 25-years to regrow after the great war!

Anyway, I’ve got five “tops” worked on, using barbecue skewers and cut up and pulled apart coconut fiber plant liners! (found this one at the local hardware store that had been seriously mis-handled – they gave it to me for 50-cents!)

They still need to dry, be fluffed up and base coated (I’ll need to pick-up some brown spray paint), then flocked and finally added to larger tree trunks, which still need to be fashioned! (but I have the wood on hand!)

Sorry for the multiple posts after so long not posting anything, but it’s currently raining cats and dogs, so I’ve had time to fiddle with plastic army men today.