GAME Night!

So after many days and weeks we finally got a game of Zombicide in tonight! The wife choose a medium toughness game, that should have taken 90-minutes to play – it took longer, as we were a bit rusty on the rules regarding using vehicles!

Basically this game used 9-tiles and no Exit Zone for the survivors, winning the game required you to get one Survivor to the max level! This was pure zombie killing!

The board after turn 3

And the Abomination made his first appearance – we didn’t have any 3-damage weapons, so it was basically run away and sacrifice Survivors to keep hime away from the high volume killers! Those were the two we got behind the wheels of the two police cars on the board.

Run Doug and Amy! Just Run!

Our after action review found us looking at the rules for the cars, we played them incorrectly, the biggest snafu was not having Zombie being able to attack the occupant(s), it was split over two pages and we missed it. The plan is to replay the game this weekend, and see how it plays differently using the proper rulings.

It was good to get the game out and play. I’m thinking the Survivors may get white or bright orange bases to make them easier to pick out of the crowd!

2 thoughts on “GAME Night!

  1. That’s pretty fantastic to see the whole set painted up like that – and so nicely, too! It’ll take me getting back into regularly playing Zombicide for me to get properly into painting the zombies, but who knows what might happen? – especially after seeing how good they look in this post…


    1. Too kind my friend, too kind. The Zombies took me several large painting sessions over the course of the 2-3 years. I used them to see how much of my painting skills had lost since I had stopped painting and playing for ten years or so. I was surprised to find that I could get good tabletop presentation fairly quickly!


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