Waltzing Matilda and other stuff

Today’s post is kinda of a catch up post. Or maybe an in-process post, covering a couple of projects.

Will start with the easiest update. My next Diorama is a P-51D Mustang, a late war paint job, which is to say, very little paint. Maybe I should have grabbed some different decals and put some mid-war camouflage on the bird! Anyway, the plane is complete and mounted to the base, coming in for a landing on a makeshift runway. Great idea, looks too plain.

So, as detailed in another post, I purchased a set of 1/72 scale WWII vehicles, one of which is a US Jeep. She done and added to the diorama base, but it still looks off. I toyed with the thought of scratch-building a guard shack, but passed. What’s missing is someone to drive the Jeep out to the end of the field. So sometime this weekend I should have a box of inch-high US Service men!

Next, diorama number 5 will take us back to North Africa, this time on the Allied side of the fight. I competed most of the assembly of Tamiya’s 1/48 scale Matilda and today I put down the first camouflage base coat, the desert brown. I intentionally left off several little bits to help with the masking.

Lastly, I decided to pick-up some inexpensive 1/35 troops when I was shopping on EBay. I found a fellow who was having a fire sale on some WWII Soviet tankers from MiniArt. The “Tank Crew at Rest” was incomplete, only two of the five left, while the “Tank Crew at Work” set had all five figures, none of the accessory spruces where included, but for 8 bucks shipped, they’ll make good painting practice.

Interestingly, there are no assembly instructions or hints and no alignment pins! The painting guide on the back of the boxes (which I had to find on the internet), and very basic – so I will have to use reference photos to help. Anyway, while the Matilda was drying, I got the two “At Rest” dudes (or maybe comrades?) off the sprue and cleaned-up mold lines. I used a little poster tack to hold the legs together to see how the fit would be. The one on the left has been glued; the one on the right is all poster tacked in place.

My hope it to get all of the Matilda camouflage completed over the next two days (giving 24-hours between color changes so the masking doesn’t pull up the tape). Then get the little bits painted and attached as well as the tracks. If the 1/72 scale US dudes arrive on time, they will be assembled and painted, so that I can finish the diorama this weekend. Bonus would be to finish assembling and priming the 1/35 soldiers.

6 thoughts on “Waltzing Matilda and other stuff

    1. Ho Ho, Maenoferren! If I ever got into big WWII wargaming, I too would go for the desert, but that’s because I love Field Marshall Rommel! There is just something about the German army and Air Force in WWII, all of their vehicles just looked like weapons of war, like sharks in the water. The shape and style of the allies vehicles just don’t have that same feel.
      Carry-on mate! Last of the big camouflage block of colors just was applied to the Matilda!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I look forward to seeing the Matilda finished. Yeah I know what you mean about the German stuff. Was a whole different world, over engineered, most definitely, but still cool looking.


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