What Have I Done?

Last November I purchased five scale models, with the intention of trying a new skill since the tabletop gaming opportunities outside of Atlanta are slim to none here in the South East corner of the States. I also grabbed two other models at a local chain “hobby’ store – 40% off a $10 AirFix WWII plane was too much to pass up. I figured these would keep me busy this winter.

Well, this winter was very mild, so more days were spend out on the bike than in the hobby room! Now with COVID-19, weeks of self-quarantine and starting my 4th week of furlough, I’ve found myself with more time on my hands than I normally have in the spring time.

The original five models are now complete, and put into 4 dioramas. The first of the “hobby” shop kits is nearly completed, and the second is being shelved. One, I need a break from airplanes and two I want to play around with building a crashed plane! That will take more thought and set-up.

So what’s this blog post got to do with “What have I done!”?? Well last month when I saw that I was getting near the end of my model stash and with more time to fill, I ordered more kits. One of those kits is from MiniArt, and is a larger scale (1/35), and a single figure. This kit looks really cool, but will definitely challenge my figure painting skills!

The brownish parts in the instruction drawings are the PE parts bent to shape.

Then comes the “what have I done” moment – this kit contains photo etched (PE) brass parts. I thought, when I bought it, that they would be a simple way to increase my modeling skills. This morning I decided to open the box and take a look at kit. Oh boy, some of those PE parts are tiny! And they need to be bent into shape!

Fat pointer finger for scale, note that the 6 parts labelled as No. 20 are individual parts and need to bent to shape!

I’m not sure my regular readers are going to be up to the task, I may have to look at picking on some magnifying glasses!

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