More 3D printing

Still not quite finished with the scale model diorama(s), so I decided to slap some paint on a couple of 3D printed bits. Two are large busts that I had printed months ago, and then there are a couple of sci fi things that I printed last week and just got around to finishing up.

First up is baby Groot! I had printed this almost a year ago, before I purchased the Ender 3, so he was sliced into 4 parts and printed on my old printer. Groot’s head is hollow, so the plan was to paint him up and put a small cactus plant in his head! I was going to do this and give it to my wife for her birthday earlier this month, then the pandemic hit and I couldn’t get to the store to purchase the plant. Luckily, this was just a fun gift, not the whole ball of wax!

Speaking of Pandemics, this next bust was printed off about 6-weeks ago, about the time our President fired his health czar for not agreeing with him that this COVID-19 would just “magically” go away when the warmer weather got here. This is my salute to trump’s new plan for dealing with COVID-19 in the US: let’s just go back to what 17th century Europe was doing to fight the black death – who needs a Surgeon General, when you can have a Plague Doctor!

Back to gaming. I found this little critter on Thingiverse one night while in self-isolation. I thought it would make a nice bit of scatter terrain or it could be an automated defense droid for 5 Parsecs or SWL! Painted it up very simply and quickly.

Lastly, I also found this Necromunda loader. I choose to print the dozer scoop, and did a quick chip and paint scheme on this little baby. Again, it could be a terrain piece of an objective for 5 Parsecs or SWL.

Just a little update on some of the stuff I’ve recently cleared off the painting desk. And yes, my glass plate needs a good wash and reset!

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