In the Queue, an 88

Only a few bits and bobble are left to my first diorama, which I started before Christmas! So that means assembly of the second box has commenced, Tamiya’s, “Siege of Tobruk” set. This is a 1/48 scale model of the deadly German Flak 88.

Thus far all the major part of the cannon and carriages have been completed. The 8 wheels and tired have been base coated and hairspray chipped with a top coat of dark yellow. I like the slight effect and now need to repaint the tires to remove the yellow!

I have also sprayed all assembled parts with a heavy undercoat of German Panzer Grey, this need to be modulated with some lighter shade, then top coated with the dark yellow and chipped!

Troops, gear and grebble still are on the sprue, but they will be the focus after the gun and the base size are determined.

Here’s last night’s hand-work (man I’m getting loads done while have little to do at work these days – make you wonder what will be accomplished when the “shelter-in-place” order eventually makes it to the South Eastern part of the US?!)

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