Painting Challenge

One of the hardest parts about these challenges is coming up with (semi) interesting concepts, rather than just cycling through Units/Neglected/Something else each month. Well, that and doing round-up posts. 😛 Now December brings us Christmas, and so with both of these things in mind, I’ve decided to do something slightly different. It’s time to […]

Destino December ’19 – Community Painting Challenge. — Azazel’s Bitz Box.

So I see Azazel’s painting challenges all the time and never think I can get the challenge completed in time, as I usually only have one evening a week to hobby. Today is the last work day of the week, what with the Thanksgiving Holiday here in the US. Since me and the Missus are staying home this year, I should have the better part of 4 days to hobby.

Here in is the problem. I haven’t found anyone to play games with, so I have many half completed gaming projects as well as starting to build a WWII diorama, so I have many models that I could finish up for the challenge.

Above is a collage of just some of the terrain, minis, models and stuff I have on the table. Let’s not even talk about the various Gaslands vehicles in various stages of disassembly and painting; or the bunch of zombies left to finish up from Zombiecide; or that 10+ year old Forge World IG Valkyre sitting in a box somewhere.

Oh and there are the two DeathStar dioramas I’m building for my boys that need to be finished:

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