So I bought an airbrush

My birthday was nearly a month ago, and with the gift cards and some credit card points, and Amazon Prime free shipping, I spend a grand total of $2.88 on a simple airbrush kit!

I never thought I would ever need an airbrush, so I deciding to watch a bunch of YouTube videos on models and how to use them. What I finally decided is that I wasn’t going to spend hundreds of dollars on a gizmo that I may not enjoy, so I found the entire kit for under $90, and got it delivered right to my door step! A bottle of cleaner and some Vallejo Surface Primer and we were ready to try our hands at base coating.

As you can see, I spend a full ten minutes playing with some rarely used purple Army Painter paint and I mastered the brush. Seriously, who has time to spend drawing dots and lines of various thicknesses?

Anyway, my first victims where the 15 or some unpainted or primed Zombicide Zombies. Grey on Grey it a bit hard to see, but I also tried priming them in Necrotic Flesh and Sand Brown.

The Big Fatties, were primed all over in grey, then I tried picking out just the flesh in light green and before I snapped a picture I mixed up some rust and brown for the coveralls. All and all I’m happy with the results. The priming layer is much finer that a rattle can, so I find it easier to mix-up a base color of choice and blast away! This should save time and allow for customized base colors!

One of the other fun things I’ve been working on is Gaslands cars and terrain, I have a wedding mid-June that will take us to the Jersey Shore afterwards, so I thought it might be fun to try out a few simple games with my sons, nieces and nephews. I figure I’ll need 6 “cars”, a few gates and some obstacles for the death match races. The only two cars ready to roll at this point are the sand buggy and beetle that I finished in last month. I have three others in various stages of building.

And then there is this little gem found on Thingiverse:

It’s been cleaned up a bit, hastily filled with thick gesso and now primed grey, and white. I want to work on rusting the top and trying the “salt rusting” with the airbrush before getting too far along, but that will make 6 with the modified pick-up truck I’m working on, and there is still two other cars in the cheap “hot wheels” pack I picked up in March.

As for terrain, a quick search on Thingiverse found some simple gates. The plan is to use the three short towers and the three lane makers to indicate which gates come first and which way ’round you have to go! The larger barrel tower will have the Gaslands signage on it to indicate the finish line, and will be six lanes wide, with directional lanes going out for the start at Gate 1 and in for the finish. My hope is to paint the gate one lanes green and the finish lanes either red or black-n-white.


4 thoughts on “So I bought an airbrush

  1. Nice! It just so happens that I dug my airbrush out of storage a few days ago – I’d completely forgotten how nice it is for priming instead of using a brush. One day I’ll learn how to properly use it for actual painting, I’m sure.

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