Well the printer has been busy

So I’ve been vacant from this blog for a while. Work-life just sucks right now, hopefully things will straighten out this week. Meanwhile, I’ve been surfing Thingiverse. I found some interesting model railroad stuff, that I was able to resize to something that would work for tabletop gaming.

The white doors will be getting some “stained glass” treatments as I’m planing to use them for a church I started this summer, when we were playing Malifaux regularly (maybe, someday, we’ll get to place where we can play again).

The red door is going to go on a redo of a government building I planned for a victorian town, again for Malifaux. The door is separate from the frame. It’s getting base coated black and I think the frame will be white. Haven’t figured out what to do with the lights above the door yet. The building is currently an empty Ritz cracker snack box! I have glued a base to the bottom and am planning a styrene rock foundation, more on that once I have it all glued up and base coated.

Some of the other bits I found for the building, include a remixed brick corner and some art deco fascia:

So all of these need to be base coated and dry brushed, then added to the cracker box! I will finish the building with some of the windows from when I first got the printer.

Speaking of windows. These were also remixes from others work. I’m really starting to like messing around with Tinkercad. The high arched windows still need to be sponged with lighter grey and black to make them look more stone-like, then the “stain glass” should pop! They large gothic windows will run down both sides of the church. The circular window will go into the peak.

Finally some painting. Practicing blood splatter for Zombicide, and a mini-gun for a mission, not to mention a horde of zombies (base coating and putting some color to them before a quick wash, and then most of the figure trays will be filled!) Oh and the little outhouse got some paint, it now need to be based so it can be used as scatter terrain for the western theme Malifaux board!


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