Wargaming Anyone?

I started playing table top wargaming way back in the early 2000’s.  I got into the Games Workshop games (Warhammer and Warhammer 40K) with a group I fenced with and my two young boys (they are grown up now, but both are getting into my boyhood game – Dungeons & Dragons).  Aside from he many winter hours spent building armies, painting minis and making terrain, it was a fun time to bond with my boys.  I also had two fencers and a friend of a friend who got into the game with me and we played on a semi-regular basis.

Two move out of state and the third drifted out of Fencing and never really came back to play or communicate with me.  The many armies when on a shelf in the basement.  When I moved from Maine to New York State, I packed up two of my mostly finished 40K models and left the rest behind.  The boys came and grabbed the minis they wanted, but many of the bits and armies were left behind – later to be disposed of with a serious outbreak of mold in the basement (the entire basement was gutted and fixed).

So now is has been atlas 10 years since I played or even thought about playing.  Last year, the wife picked up a board game called Zombicide, which used objective makers, cards and plastic mini’s.  We had fun playing the game several times, but our friends seemed uninterested in setting up a standing game night (board games, cards, anything). I don’t know if it’s living in the bible-belt (they seem to be so wrapped up in religion that they don’t have any fun) or if I’m really just a serious geek.

Now my wife, when we where dating, witnessed some of our Warhammer games, 6-turns could take 4-6 or more hours, especially if we where playing over 2000-point games!  So I understand her reluctance to get into the game.  And while driving to Pennsylvania this Christmas, I just started thinking about war gaming again.  She placated me on our 14-hour drive.

We both agreed that the junior Accountant at work, who was also pushing for a regular gaming night, would be my best bet.  Unfortunately, prefers games like Magic and Pokemon.  Painting minis seems to be beyond his grasp.  In the meantime, Games Workshop has re-invented the games, so most of my models “should” work, but I’ll need to buy all new codexes and rule books – well over $100!

So I started out, by purchasing new paints and painting the models in the Zombicide game.  I’ve plowed through several minis and I really forgot how cathartic the process of painting 25mm models can be!  Then I started looking for more information on youtube, and while researching new paining techniques, I stumbled on a game called Malifaux – it’s a skirmish style game, that doesn’t use dice.  For a quick game you only need 7-10 models and tons of terrain!  This game system is a blend of steampunk, victorian horrors and the American wild west; all wrapped up in a lore and story-driven game system!

And the wife has painted a zombie and seems to like the idea of Malifaux, so I have now started constructing scenery and looking at minis.  This winter may well be spent painting and playing table-top war-games once again!

I’ll add a few photos, when I finish the Zombies!

2 thoughts on “Wargaming Anyone?

  1. Good luck!

    I’m a huge fan of Malifaux, partly because it seems nice for telling a story, partly because I love the way that there is a finite amount of ‘luck’ in the game due to the card deck mechanic instead of dice.

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