My Watch

When I become interested in something, I research the heck out of it.  My wife is fond of saying that I do not make purchases with out hours of research, online, in-store and with copious spreadsheets!  She’s not far from the truth.  I do vacillate when making a purchase, especially when it involves large sums of money.

This time last year I started looking into the Apple iWatch.  It started with the thought of what can this watch do for me, what is all the fuss about, plus it was getting long in the tooth, so some of the early launch bugs will have been worked out of the design.  Most of what I saw was interesting, but not “necessary”; however, one thing did pique my interest, the activity rings.  Watching the videos on the Apple website this was really, really cool.  Setting targets and working towards them – something my competitive, engineering mind loves!

When Christmas rolled around, my lovely wife surprised me with an iWatch!  I was stunned, I couldn’t believe she had spent so much on me.  Now eight month later, I can’t remember the last time I wore my old dress watch.  This new watch is the first thing I put on in the morning and the last thing I take off before bed.  On my nightstand is a duel charger that holds my iPhone upright and hangs the iWatch like in the jewelry display, such that I can get to either device and see them both.

What I really like about the rings, even when I forget to active the exorcise tracker or the fact that this generation can’t go into the pool with me, is that I use them to motivate myself to be more active in my day.  In years past I would have thought nothing about sitting at my desk all day.  Now, I either actively look at my rings or the watch gives me a reminder to stand.  And by stand, Apple really means to get up and move around; as the stand function needs movement to count the one minute of upright, off your butt as a standing minute.  Most days I’m able to get the at least once every hour for twelve hours in.

Most days I can get the red rings to overlap – they measure activity via calories expended over and above your basal resting calorie burn.  For instance, this morning I was up at 4:45 and on a SPIN bike before 5:30 for just about an hour – the ring was closed before I hit the showers!

The hardest ring for me to close is the green ring.  It represents exorcise minutes.  Exorcise for this ring is defined by measuring your pulse rate and establishing that you have been working at an elevated heart rate for at least a minute.  So, again, this morning, I was done by 7am, the 55 minutes of SPIN kept my heart rate up in the 150’s for the better part of that hour.  Days that I don’t workout, or only swim, I barely budge that ring.  Other times I have pushed it over the 30-minutes just by mowing the lawn!

So whether it’s simply a way to track daily movement or to track fitness progress, I thinks it’s a great tool to add to my arsenal to keep me moving.  So over the last two months I have dropped 3 pounds, which isn’t enough, however, many of my clothes are fitting better and looser!


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