Well, I’m one step closer to actually doing a triathlon.  I ordered a tri-suit today.  Now, mind you, this tri will be a sprint distance.  A quarter of a mile swim (this is the part I’m worried about), a 14 mile bike ride (easy peasy) and a 3.1 mile run (I’m sure I’ll be walking parts).  This Saturday, I will have the opportunity to swim in a lake, if I do well there, then I will sign up.  If I don’t feel confident, then I’m cancelling and training for another tri on the 26th of August, it’s a bit shorter swim, but the swimming in an outside 50-meter pool, so no drowning involved!

So this year had been lot’s more cycling and group cycling, and a little running and swimming, I really need to add more morning running, as I think I’ll stay with the Sprint Tri-distances.  If only, because I don’t want to kill my knees and hips on longer race runs, 3.1 miles is long enough!

The longer and more frequent cycling training will be helpful as I plan to do more metric and true centuries.  I’ve got to metrics in this year and there is a flat fast century six weeks out.  And then a metric the following weekend in a hillier part of the state!

I love training.

Now I need to come up with a weight program and stick to my eating program (which will be hard as I have nearly two weeks of travel upcoming), and maybe I can drop some weight and comfortable in my clothes again!

See on the road!


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