Working Out

I have often heard that if you can do something, consistently, for two weeks, it becomes a habit.  So for the last two weeks I have been getting up at 4:45am, workday or weekend.  Mainly so I can get over to the gym and hit a SPIN class Monday and Friday mornings, but it also allows me to go for a run or road cycle if I have activities in the evening that will not allow me to hit the gym for the evening classes.  I’m looking to incorporate some weights into my work out regime as well, so the morning might be the most effective time.

Aside from work out time scheduling, getting up early on the weekends, gives me the house to myself for an hour or two – most of the time I choose to spend that time out back, with my iPad and a cup of strong coffee.  It’s a pleasant way to start a recovery day, as I try to get an active workout day in either Saturday or Sunday, or at least a functional movement day.  That could be walking the yard while cutting the grass, rebuilding the koi pond, just walking the neighborhood with the wife.

Anyway, I am nearing the end of my early rising, and it does catch up with me in the afternoons, but I want to keep at it, as early mornings have always been my favorite part of the day.  I may have to add back my walk around the warehouse right after lunch to get the blood flowing and knock the cobwebs from my brain.

Now on of the great benefits of working out regularly is getting your body back in shape, mentally, physically and psychologically.  At this time my weight is down nearly 7-lbs in 7 weeks.  Sure there have been ups and downs as travel and not so good eating days have popped up.  However, I find that if I put my mind to a task, 80% of the time I can live with the occasional bad meal, and get right back on track with the very next meal.  And having a regular, 5-6 days a week scheduled aerobic activity really helps.


2 thoughts on “Working Out

    1. Come on Lee, I remember you enjoyed ride a bicycle! Gotta train if you’re gonna ride. I’ve got two metric centuries under my belt this season, so hopefully we can keep up the good work, and lose more weight!


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