Hot, Muggy, then the Rain

Summertime in Western Tennessee.  As per my new habit forming ritual, I set the alarm for 5 am, a solid 30 minutes before sun up here in Jackson, with the goal of getting a 2-mile run in before the heat.  I rolled out of bed and felt tired.  Yesterday’s early morning ride and many hours in the very hot, and very muggy weather helping the wife out with her company picnic took it’s toll.  I opted to have a cup of coffee, and sit out on the back porch to watch the world wake-up.

The koi were fed and I was making plans in my mind for how to fix the waterfall feature in the pond.  The pond needed more than just the waterfall, there was a section that looked like some serious water had gotten behind the liner.  In fact, it had kept me from filling to pond to it’s full capacity.  After moving a few rocks, once the sun came up, I found that the bulge was coming from ants making a nest.  The was an old tarro trap near by, but it’s usefulness was long gone by, a generous dosing of insecticide was applied and I headed inside.

At this point, the wife was up and she told me her parents wanted to treat us to breakfast, so off we went in a hour or so.  I mentioned that I wanted to bend so PVC pipe to the curve the pump piping needed to get to the top of the waterfall – the previous pond builder just piled the rocks on top of the soft tubing as well as doubled back, and thus the tubing was kinked and crushed in two or three places.  The wife suggested, since we were right around the corner from Home Depot, we should go there and get what we thought we needed.  If you have never shopped at 9:30 on a Sunday morning in the bible belt, oh boy are you missing out.  The stores are empty, the roads are passable and people working the stores are falling over themselves to help you.

Needless to say my plans changed when I couldn’t find a heat gun to soften the PVC, so I purchased pre-shaped pipe, and spray paint.  Including the stain for the wife’s chair, the total was under $15.  The heat sun was gonna run $50-80, so a good day.  After fitting the pipe, cutting and spray painting, it was time to move some very heavy rocks.  Thank goodness I had my father-in-law around to help!  once we got it in place we plugged in the filter, and … nothing.  Not sure what happened to the outside receptacle, but there wasn’t any power.  Using the hose to push water through the tubing we discovered a few rocks that flowed backwards, and thus we moved more heavy stone!

After getting an extension cord to check that the pump in the filter was working, we sat back, open a cold beer and listened to the sounds of a trickling fake waterfall.  It was really nice, but now the sun was working it’s way around to the backyard, so we headed indoor to the A/C.  I needed a shower, as it felt like I had gone swimming in my clothes I had sweated so much!

The afternoon plans were to put together a shelf unit so we could unpack our books and start to organize the front room into an actual office area.  It will help to move stuff from the garage as well, and that could use some organization as well.  Dinner was steaks on the grill, one of my favorite meals!  As we were finishing up, the clouds finally roll in and a great thunder and lighting show started.  We took coffee on the back porch and watch the show, along with some good amount of much needed rain.  I’m hoping we get more of the short rain showers though out the day this week and not cloud bursts everyday.

My lawn, my garden and the koi all need more rain, and the lower temps it brings with it, I just hope it doesn’t interfere with my cycling this week!


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