My Favorite Sports

Currently I’m enjoying the Tour De France.  I know it’s crazy that I’ll watch two-and-a-half hours of cycling, in July.  However, I love the pageantry, the individual efforts, the crashes, the mountain climbing, really never a dull moment.  Even the commentators on NBCSN have gotten better at using miles, MPH and other real units of measure.  The Tour fills the gap between the end of Hockey and the beginning of Football seasons, and it leaves me with a solid 6-weeks of no sports, so I can really focus on a few summertime activities.

As mentioned above, I really love Football, even though each passing year it looks more and more like the top brass are in the bag for their favorite teams.  There is just something about the pace of the game, the chance for each week for any given team to win.  The season is short too.  They only play 16 games over 17 weeks – no time to screw up, or your season is done.

Hockey.  Much like Baseball, I really think the season is too long at 80 games.  If they cut it back to 50, it would be more watchable.  That being said, I really love the playoff system.  I would even argue that it could be better, if the put more teams into the mix and when back to the best of 5 series for the first round.  It would make the season all about positioning for the playoff.  But the game, there is nothing like the speed and sportsmanship.

What I don’t get, living in the South now, is their love of high school football, college football, baseball and NASCAR.  I would rather put hot pokers into my eyes!  These sports have got to be the most boring games to watch only bested by basketball and soccer.

For the life of me, I will never understand things here in the South.  It’s nice, but too hot, no real four seasons.  I need autumn, and winter and spring – endless summer sucks.

I’m gonna try writing more, just thoughts as they come to me.  To do more than waste time on Facebook.  If I can get to 500, like I did two years ago when I started this blog, great, if not – oh well.


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