Cycling Thus Far

Wow it’s been far too long between posts again.  Like most things I need to make this a habit.  I have nearly given up on the mandolin – again I need to set aside time.  There doesn’t seem to be time for shotgunning this year either.

However, I have found my passion for cycling again.  Yesterday I rode in the Tour de Wayne.  Opted for the 60-mile course, as there was a 35, 75 and 100 as well, but it was very hilly and hot!  I’m glad I did the lessor of the long distances.  I really like the ride, the folks were very nice, the rest stops were evenly spaced and well manned.  Even the mobile SAG drivers would stop and ask if you needed water!

The 60-mile ride consisted of an out loop that everyone rode, when we reached the first rest stop, the 75 and 100 kept going and we, with eh 35-milers turned back to the start.  which meant all the climbing would be down hills and all the downhills would be climbs.  The issue with that, we had 12 miles of climbing before we got the down hill back into town!  I hooked up with a group of Lift riders and two “big boys”, plus my SPIN coach, Meg.  After a few miles on the “easy” climb, I was tired of the drastic speed changes from the guys used to the flatter cycling here in Jackson, so I moved to the front and PULLED.

I pulled for the next 8-miles, keeping the pace between 14-18 mph, most of it at 17 and change.  When we got near the top, the incline stepped up drastically and I let the big boys take over (the only ones who stayed with me.  I let them drop me on the downhill, as I was unsure of the bends in the road and 36-mph as fast enough!

As we got back into town, another rest stop!  We all gathered together, exchanged information and I got a big pat on the back from the big boys!  I felt really good about myself.  Meg wasn’t feeling good, so she took off early.  (at this point if you were riding the 35, you were done)  I caught Meg 7-miles down the road and never did see the big boys as the started just after me.  Meg and I road the next 7 together to the last rest stop.  The stretch of road out there was nice and smooth, but all highway, little to no shade and the clouds had peeled back – temps in the upper 80’s – it was murder!

Finally, rehydrated and fueled up, we headed back for the last 14-miles.  I took the lead in the last 6-miles or so, to help Meg as our tail wind had become a head wind.  What I didn’t realize was that I was again pulling the two big boys along!  Anyway, we made it back with just under 62-miles on the odometer, so I’m calling this one a Metric Century!

Pizza and a cold shower (the public pool did not have warm water!) finished the day, and I drove the hour and a half back home.  Can’t wait for next year, maybe the hilly 75?

A picture of all of us before the ride started:



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