Turning the Other Cheek

Turning the other cheek is a basic tenet of Christianity, and yet is one of the hardest to keep.  As my readers know, the wife and I recently purchased our second home together, one that we hope will be your home for the long term, here in Western Tennessee.  This of course means that we needed to vacate the house we’ve been renting since June of 2015.

We let our landlord know of our intent to move by May of this year back in January, yet she has been acting as if it’s a surprise this past month.  We have bent over backwards to help her transition out of the lease; we have brought in potential renters, and have opened our “home” to others she has found – this act alone has kept us from being able to go through all of our stuff and weed out that which we don’t need.  Thankfully, we where able to use the long Easter weekend to purge a bit, two pick-up truck loads of books, cloths and kitchenware have been donated to Goodwill!  Much has been discarded for being broken or otherwise unusable.  We just wish we could have had another week or so to further the process.

So now that we are completely out of that house, we have informed our Landlord that we are out early and she can have workmen come in and renovate the property for sale. Let me take a step back.  For the past month, she has taken to email to berate us.  We allowed her Real Estate broker into the house to get an idea of what he is working with, after he reported back to her, she told us we have ruined the carpets to the point that they would need to be replaced and that we haven’t done any landscaping.  Based on that information, and other derogatory statements about how we live and keep house, we decided let her know we would be out by May 1, and stopped all communications with her.

Yesterday, she started with emails again.  When we told her we where working through her Real Estate guy, as he had indicated he was asked by her to see what our status was, she got indignant again.  We responded with as little information as possible, basically only telling her that we would be 100% completely out of the property Saturday and the utilities would transfer back to her on Monday.

That prompted a very long email asking specific questions and a demand that we continue to pay rent, upkeep the property and utilities until the re-rent, sell or we reach the end of the original lease in June.  Crazy I know!  An email was drafted by my wife and I, addressing the specific questions – basically, we are all out, the utilities are back in her name on Monday and we have left the keys in the mailbox as her Real Estate broker requested.  We also address the move-in conditions so that her broker would have something to compare with the state we left the property; let’s just say it is considerably better now that two years ago.  Also we received a call from her Broker, who wanted us to know that he did not report to her on any thing about us, she was simply telling her his thoughts on what she should change should she want to place the property on the market.

Anyway, our response email, prompted another even longer book.  She basically called us dishonest and terrible people.  It was very hard to not write a retort, but it was time to count our blessings and “turn the other cheek”.  We have not responded and don’t plan to, she can live in her glasshouse and we will move on to our new lives in our new house, with the knowledge that we treated that house with as much care a respect as any house we have lived in, rented or own in the past.

It is hard to be a good Christian, but it does the heart more good to be so that to not be.


One thought on “Turning the Other Cheek

  1. I am sorry she has been such a pain. I am glad to hear you have moved on and let it go. We are looking forward to seeing the new house!


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