Tomorrow We Close

Tomorrow is the day we go sign lots of paperwork and then are handed a new set of keys, yeah!  We know there are a couple of thing we have to fix ASAP, such as the leaky kitchen sink supply, and the missing insulation on the A/C drain lines.  I’m hoping to get some quick measurements on the kitchen supply line during the walk through and then hit Home Depot after closing; as it would be nice to fix these items before heading back into work to observe a trial.

Then we get to spend Monday and Tuesday moving as much soft and breakable stuff on our own.  I first have to empty the truck one donations to Goodwill.  On Wednesday, the heavy movers come, and we will, hopefully finish moving the soft items in the afternoon.  Internet should be up and running by Tuesday at lunchtime – which will allow me time to set up the Ecobee!  And then when switching out the locks, we can switch them to “smart locks” too!


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