United Airlines

I am so tired of this story.  This Dr. Dao character needs to grow up.  And read the rules on his ticket.  Most of the flights out of Chicago are in overbooked status, mostly due to the amount of traffic in and out of that hub airport.

I don’t know the program airlines use to calculate how many seats to double book for any particular flight, but they have to find ways to fill as many seats as possible.  I don’t fly as much as I used to, but I do know that customer service is on the down slide.  When I do fly, I see lot’s of flustered gate agents and what seems like more over sold flights.  All that being said, 99.9% of the time these situations are resolved before the flights are boarded.

Now back to Dr. Dao.  Many because he’s Chinese he doesn’t understand that when you have escalated the situation to the point that Law Enforcement is called, you need to listen or bad things are going to happen.  I see this whole thing nothing more than a protester refusing lawful orders to disperse and then complaining when they get billy-clubbed.


2 thoughts on “United Airlines

  1. He could have walked off and not gotten hurt…..safety first. I think there was accessive force but here would have been no force is he had not escalated the situation. Ask Christi if this is willfully stupid!

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  2. They are now reporting he only suffered a concussion and broken nose – all caused by his failing around. I feel sorry for the Law Officers who are now home without pay. They only did their jobs!


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