New to Us

This time next week, we will be preparing to meet lawyers and real estate agents for an early morning close the following day, on what will be the second house my wife and I have purchased together.  It will also be the third house we have each purchased!  Let’s hope the third time is a charm!

We have decided that this time around we needed a home that we felt comfortable living in, but also a house that we could turn quickly should the job situation turn ugly.  (we found this out the hard way two years ago with the last job in New York).  Since we’ve made it to the 2 year mark here in Tennessee, I’m pretty sure they are not going to fire me, unless they have to do some serious downsizing.

So the house is only 1/2 mile from where we’re rent now, but we love the neighborhood and have made some fast friends in the area.  The new house is nearly a 1000-square feet larger than the house we rent, with another full bathroom and an upstairs “in-law” suite.  The living room (or great room as they say down here in the south) is a little narrower and the layout will restrict how much furniture we can use, but the extra wing chair will find life in the in-law suite.

The other thing we are really excited about is that the back yard is already set for gardening, with several raised beds, and nice compost bin and mature grape vines, which are already trellised!  Next there is the Koi pond.  We have found out that the fish are staying, but the pond looked like it needed some good cleaning.  The most disturbing information from the seller, is that she stated the waterfall feature wasn’t needed.  It’s pretty oblivious that there is a waterfall built into the pond, but no pump.  Hopefully, once we move-in we can add a skimmer and run the outlet to the waterfall with out too much digging and fussing!

We have also been seriously looking at home automation.  I like the fact that Apple added HomeKit app to the last IOS update and that I can put all my devices directly into one app; and that I can develop my own grouping and setting, called Scenes.

I can see the Ecobee3 thermostat being our first purchase.  I liked the programmable stat we had in the New York house, but it still needed to be tinkered with everyday – especially on weekends.  A smart stat would help with that, and the fact that they take the outside weather into consideration, plus the remote sensors and supporting HimeKit, I think this stat will easily outpace the Nest.  After that, smart under-cabinet lighting via Phillips Hue.  Doorbells, smart locks and garage door openers would be next on the list.

Anyway, keep an eye out for more new adventures in our new house!


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