Cold Brewed Coffee!

Oh my!!!

I saw a video on YouTube demonstrating how to cold “brew” coffee.  It started with me looking at wood working stuff, after looking at endless videos on making bows from PVC pipe.  Convoluted to be sure.

I didn’t have a large mason jar, but I did have some almond butter glass jars and lids that I cleaned out to make pickles.  I washed them, along with my old plastic single cup drip coffee maker.  I did have to go buy some #4 filters, but I had the perfect coffee already in the pantry – dark roasted espresso!

The basic procedure is to add some water and ice to the jar, then two or three scoops of coffee; then carefully fill to about 80% capacity.  At this point you need to put the lids on tight and give the jar a good shake.  This not only distribute the coffee around the jar, it gets all the grinds wetted out.  Next open the jar and top off the water in the jar.  Oh, and make sure all of the water is cold!  Time to put the jar in the refrigerator.  Now, every couple of hours, give the jar a good shake over the next 24-48 hours.

Then the fun starts.  Filtering.  Set-up the plastic single cup brewer with a #4 filter and start to pour slowly into the brewer.  This takes some patients as the fine coffee and paper are both filtering.  Once you have your coffee, store it in the refrigerator.  Once it’s time to drink, pour over ice – I like mine black, so I just give it a few minutes for the ice to dilute the strong coffee a bit and done!  Now the wife, we add sweeter and half-n-half.  It smells really nice and I’m sure it taste nice too!

Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.



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