I Can Finally …

Use the bumper sticker my brother-in-law gave me 7-years ago.  I had forgotten about it as it has been buried in boxes from our last move; however, while clean and throwing stuff out in anticipation of our upcoming move next month, I found it.  Below is the sticker in question (more of a magnet, so I can remove it when inappropriate):


While it was purchased to shame Obama, I could never bring myself to put it on my truck.  I mean I didn’t agree with 90% of what the man stood for, I couldn’t say he wasn’t intelligent!  However, we now have a brain-dead petulant child in the office.  Listening to him speak is like listening to a person with a third grade education.  He never uses big words, he likes to repeat himself instead of offering a plan, and he can’t stay off twitter!

The really fun thing is that someone at work, keeps flipping the magnetize bumper sticker upside down.  I’m 99% sure who it is and it’s a fun little game we are playing, but I stand by the fact that trump is certified moron and I will be forever #nevertrump.


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