Late Nights and Rain

So here I sit, listening to the rain and hail – yes really big hail stones falling tonight.  This leaves me with time to think.  I love to sit and ponder when it’s raining out.  Back when I lived in New York State, we had a house with a great screened in back porch.  We called it the sun room, and it was the perfect room to sit, listen, type and drink tea.

Tonights thoughts run all over the place.  It’s been so long since I’ve written and so much has happened.  Lets start with all the bad news.  The really bad.  My dad has stage four lung cancer.  He told everyone at Christmas.  The cancer has moved into his bones, so I’m not sure how good his prognosis can be, but they did two rounds of heavy chemo; he did not do well.  My mother is an emotional wreck.  I was able to be with him for his last check up, after his second PET scan.  It showed the chemo was working on the lung cancer, but his body can’t take the treatment (I mean, really, the guys gonna turn 81 next Monday).  So now we are trying a new treatment.  This one targets the proteins the cancer produces to make itself invisible to our immune system.  He had his first treatment on Wednesday.

Bad news number two.  The week before I went up to see Pop, we learned that our 14 year old chocolate Lab had a big tumor between her lungs.  The Vet gives her 6-8 months at best.  So it has been very hard on both the wife and I, as every time she slows down or make a funny noise, we are on pins and needles.

More bad news.  Two weeks ago I hurt my back.  Doctor’s order: take this pills and stop working out for two weeks.  Now I feel like I’m back to square one in my training for a Triathlon.  I’ve gotten back into the pool once, and it felt great – I am not a strong swimmer, so I need to work on that.  I ran on the treadmill last night and my right hip killed me all day today.  I was able to make it to SPIN tonight and it felt good.  Now to keep working at it slowly, and refocus on competing in the late summer or early fall.

The good news, even though it has been very stressful, we made an offer and it was accepted on a new to us house!  It’s very close to the one we’re renting location-wise, but more than 600 soft larger and only 6 years old.  One previous owner, a single women, how loved to garden – so the backyard is full on garden.  Raised beds, trellised mature grapes and roses, plus a koi pond!  Still not sure if the fish are staying, but we don’t much care either way.  We will have to upgrade the refrigerator and stove (hate electric) in the next 2-5 years, but the last few months have shown to us that we can really save now that we are mostly debt free (one personal loan and a student loan left!).

Anyway, my plans are to keep this journal up to date at least weekly, with a minimum 500-word essay.


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