Finally Over …

Or has it just begun?  I have purposely avoided all the pomp and 24-hour news cycle surrounding the coronation usurpation transfer of power from the democrats to the RINOs.  I was upset with my countrymen when Bill Clinton was elected for a second term; I was sadden at the American electorate for electing Obama and doubley disappointed at his second term.  All of this pales in comparison at what has transpired this election cycle.

I am truly stupefied at how unintelligent my fellow “conservative” have become.  I tried to stay away from social media all day Friday, catching up yesterday, and my feeds where clogged with such utter gibberish.  It’s as if over the past 8 years my friends that I considered politically conservative have forgotten what it’s like to be Conservative.  I remember the class and decorum of Reagan, GHW Bush and GW Bush administrations.  They all treated the people’s house with respect.  In some respect, and to a lower degree, the same could be said for the Obama’s.  We all know Bill and Hillary’s legacy from their time in the White House.

trump and his ilk haven’t even been in power 24-hours and they are holding angry, lie filled pressers about the size of the crowds at the inauguration.  Laughable at best, scary at worse.  Little donnie has been talking about bending and breaking the 1st amendment since the primaries, and seems hell bent on destroying at time honored institution, the press.  I can not trust a man who dabbles in so much in the shadows that he wants to wants to destroy the one institution that he could use to push his agenda; but then, little donnie seems to only care about 140-word childish rants at 2 am!

I will not get down in the weeds with the Liberals nor the RINOs, I’m going to stick with my Conservative values.  I have no need to  pay attention the pomp and self-servicing inauguration, it smacks of the Grammys or any of those other award shows.  I really don’t care to watch a bunch spoiled brats pat each other on the back. — Yawn!


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