Still Don’t Want to Talk Politics, But Can’t Help Myself

2016 and carrying over into this young 2017 will go down as thee most divisive time in our country’s political history.  Certainly 8 years of an under qualified Barry Obama have not helped.  I still find it hard that my fellow Americans choose an additional 4-years of Obama’s administration over a center leaning moderate, like Mitt Romney.

This time around, as anyone who knows me, I was firmly behind Ted Cruz, and would have supported Marco Rubio, and mostly likely many of the other Republican candidates running in the primaries.  The only guaranteed vote of no confidence for me was trump.  For far too long, I have watched this liberal New Yorker (by far the worst kind of liberal!) lie, cheat and gouge his way to making himself a billionaire.  I wasn’t going to hand over the reins of power to a crazy person.  Even now, he refuses to turn over tax documents, nor give up the power that his business “empire” has while serving as POTUS.  It was reported just this morning that he is in debt to the tune of $10 million!  Six bankruptcies, too many settled out of court lawsuits for fraud to count and his childish addiction to twitter … its enough to make me want to stay drunk for the next four years.

All I can tell you, is that after 30+ years as a Republican, and voting 99.9% of the time for the Republican candidate at any level of politics, I have left the party.  In those 30 years I remember the beginning of CNN, the first all news cable network, I remember listening one of Rush Limbaugh’s first broadcasts (and was a loyal listener for many years.), I remember when Fox New Network came on and challenged CNN.  I became much more interested in Fox News, as their stories and newscasts were more fair and balanced.  However, this election cycle, it became clear very early on that FNC had become nothing more than an echo chamber for trump.  I tuned the station out.

After the elections I turned back to CNN, I am afterall a news junkie at heart.  What I found was amazing.  The journalist over at CNN seemed more tempered and even-handed than I remembered – sure the new magazine shows still had a heavy tilt to the left, but then Fox’s own magazines always leaned right.  So now I have found myself only watching CNN if I want cable news, as FNC is still all trump all the time.

Funny thing is, that if I tell people I watch CNN over Fox or that I didn’t vote for trump, or that I don’t like trump or that I am still a nevertrump person (because never does mean forever), they instantly label me a liberal and a Hillary supporter.  Sad, but true – our electorate is still thinking binary, there is more out there than R’s and D’s.


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