Morning Rain in the Fall

Up early this morning, before the alarm.  I can hear the light rain falling crunchy on the leaves just on the other side of the house eves.  It’s still too dark to see the rain, unless you want to look out front where the street light is creating an artificial sunrise!  I prefer the backyard for the moment; quite, still and dark.

These are the moments I really miss being in Maine, although if this was the weather up there, it would be nasty, icy “snow” falling – the temperature being right near the freezing mark does not make for the Christmas card snow scene.  However, I am living in the South, not too deep and very west within the defined “South”.  I am grateful for the cooling down, finally getting out of the 80’s is very nice.  Having this Thanksgiving week off from work is very nice (even though I do a little bit of work from time to time each day).

The days off have allowed me time to decompress, to work out and to catch-up on some much needed rest.  I do believe the dog is enjoying the time with someone around the house.  This is my last day all to myself, so while the rainy day affords me the time to finish cleaning the house!  It will also allow for the much needed introspective meditation that my mind is screaming out in need.

Now if someone could get the rain on autumn leaves just perfect in a candle scent, I would buy that!



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