Fixing Myself

It’s been an interesting two weeks.  A month ago I figured out that I can only make myself happy.  That if I want to feel loved and like myself, I have to be myself.  Certainly, getting to the gym three days a week and doing 3-5 classes in that same week has helped mentally and physically.  I’ve also picked up a few new clothes, and those made me feel renewed.  I’ve even allowed myself to get back into wearing crazy socks with my dress clothes.

I’ve been having a ton of fun burning calories on the Spin bike; having my clothes fit looser; having more energy.  It’s been good for the spirt to reground with my yoga practice.  Detox has been a part of this practice as well.  Adding green tea with ginger back into my diet has helped.

One of the other things I started last November, was to grow out the beard.  It looked like crap last year, as I tried to trim it to the same length as my goatee – which I was trimming longer (No.2 on the guide).  This year, I trimmed everything down to a No. 1 guide.  The beard was still not to my liking.  In the past, I would have shaved and questioned myself with “what-if” and looked to others for answers.  Instead, I held on until saw my barber, Eliz.  She was able to trim everything, beard & Goatee down tight.  The beard looked like a three or four day growth – perfect!  And while I’m still getting odd looks and occasional comments from folks at work, I just remind myself, that I need to do what I need to feel happy.

Below is the motivation poster that started me thinking about this post.  I have been pouring from my soul for far too long, without refilling it.15170833_1081020158692084_6888422409921677954_n

I want to start giving back.  My thought is to contact the cancer center and see if I can volunteer to help other patients.  I have already helped a few friends financially and I want to be able to continue with those little acts of kindness.  Again, it’s not that I’m not in a good place to do those acts, but they are meaningless if my soul isn’t in the right place.  The soul needs to be filled with good deeds first.





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