Mindful Meditation

A double whammy today – as in a double good thing.

So last night after Spin class, we head over to the late Yoga class.  Great practice, the body really needed the stretching after a couple of days off and two days for hard workouts!  But during the short mediation portion of the class I really tried to let my active mind go away.  I even covered my face with a towel to help focus on the nothingness of mediation.

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks.  The reason I can’t put my finger on the one big elephant in the room, the one that is causing so much angst, is because it’s not one big issue or problem.  It’s a multifaceted problem, made up of many little parts.

Things like this past election, so many little things that were just eating away at friendships and causing so much concern.  They are still there, but now it’s a wait and see game – much less stress.  The colonoscopy, my first, really was a piece of cake, I won’t be stressing out over the next one!

Stress at work.  That’s a tough one, because there are the stressors from work work, and there are stressors form people you just work along side.  You spend 8-9 hours with them and they aren’t family and aren’t necessarily friends either, yet they can totally make or break your day.

The second big whammy came today.  Every work day morning I have an app on my phone that sends me a motivation quote.  Today’s was from Jon Zabat-Zinn.  It reads:

The little things?  The little moments?  They aren’t little.

Yup, that’s it.  Its really about the little day-to-day connections that can either lift the sprit or dash it against the rocks.  This morning I already had the perfect example.  I checked into Facebook (and absent-minded thing to do when I need to unwind my mind!) and I saw I had a message.  Upon opening it, it was from a colleague of mine from my last job.  She is a young women just getting her feet under her, she was my lab tech and we had a very good working relationship.  Well, she has now moved to a firearm friendly state and has been asking my advice on various firearms.  She finally took my advice and went to a range, shot several of the makes and model of pistols she was looking at and found she did indeed like her original choice.  She was just happy that I helped her and expressed that to me.  This little note really set the tone for the rest of my morning.

So yes, it’s the little things and moments that we need to focus on.  They will combine to show us what to be thankful for and what we don’t need – that which only serves to drag us down.


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