Blue Skies!

Yes I know this time of year the sun sets early and it gets darker sooner, but there is something magical about November for me.  I miss the magic times of October in Maine, the month is just not the same down here in the south, but November is November.

No matter where you live the weather is cooling, the days are growing shorter and the election cycle is behind us.  Believe it or not, now that the cotton ginning is slowing down, I can drive the convertible home sans top!  There is something about the cool air blowing through the car and sound of the transmission whirling up and down through the gears that just takes the blues away.  I like to think its being able to see the warm blue sky above that is the key.

Like no other drug, driving my sports car, top down, and the music being playing loudly, it is a cure-all for whatever may bring you down.  The only thing better, for me, is cycling when it is cool out.  And that my friends will have to wait until next week when I’m on vacation.

For now, it’s time to get the Miata ready for some hard driving on the back country roads!


One thought on “Blue Skies!

  1. Perfect! You describe it so well. The best “car relationship” I ever had was with my 2001 mustang convertible! I miss her! Haha! I have a sun roof now, but there is NOTHING like a convertible when the weather is crisp and clear.


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