Still #nevertrump

I was #nevertrump as soon as he announced way back in the beginning of the GOP primaries, and I continue to be after this election.  I have endured loss of Facebook friends, heated augments urging me to compromise my values and several sleepiness nights worrying about what my country has become.

The elections are over. As the trump supporters are fond of saying, time to move on, we won.  Well we in the #nevertrump movement either jumped back to trump durng the election or left the GOP and joined third parties.  I am of the latter group.  I am now a member of the Constitution Party.  I will be working with my new party for greater ballet access and to select new candidates for 2020 – so I can’t just sit back.

I wish the POTUS humility, grace, and patience – he’s gonna need it!  However, here’s to an even better showing for third-parties in the 2018 midterms and 2020!


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